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You are an expert in Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Battery Technologies and Electromobility looking for further challenges. We are looking for you!

We get many requests from companies and institutions that need your specific skills. By analyzing our global database of experts, we can propose the suitable expert - fast and reliable - for short-term contracting or even long-term cooperation, whether as employee or freelancer.

This service is free of charge, so why not register now?

Joining Expertology as an Expert

No. In order to protect your privacy and preserve your anonymity, your contact information will only be forwarded to a possible client once you have been chosen as possessing the relevant expertise and have given your permission for the establishment of the contact.

You can definitively benefit from being a member of Expertology. Many clients only require temporary support.

Please check your employment contract if it allows you to be active as an Expert. In any case, we will keep your contact information confidential and only you will decide, who will be allowed to contact you.

We are actively looking for experts in the fields of hydrogen technologies and fuel cells, battery technologies and electromobility. You have either a public profile in a business or university network in the above mentioned fields or you have been recommended to us by a peer, e.g. another Expertology member. Do you need more information? Please contact us.

Our common interest is to have the right experts for any possible job a client has to offer. Expertology will be compensated by the clients, not by the experts, so you can only profit from being a registered Expert at Expertology.

We work with the world’s leading companies and scientific institutions in the areas of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Battery Technologies and Electromobility. This gives you the unique opportunity to support their decision-making processes at the same time as keeping in touch with the latest developments. Depending on what you have indicated in your profile, you could be contacted to provide work on a project team or receive an offer for a long-term contract or new employment position.

You will be adequately compensated by the client for your contribution.

You have the chance to learn about different new applications, companies and technologies or make good new international contacts.

You can register with your e-mail and a password on the starting page. Choose the "Expert" category and you will automatically receive an e-mail with a link to click on. You will be redirected to your profile page where you can describe your abilities. You are welcome to upload your CV and a photo. The more precise your description, the higher the chances to be successfully placed. Please consider that our clients will often search for specific keywords (e.g. "Hydrogen refuelling station", "Separator development" or "charge port standardisation").

Any language skill you have is a part of your skill set and may be your very specific advantage. While the majority of clients are looking for Experts with German or English, others specifically require Experts with local language skills and cultural understandings. On the other hand, your expert knowledge may be so rare or specific that it makes sense to engage a professional translator.

Description of typical work done by Experts

  • New employment (short / mid / long term)
  • Market study
    You have knowledge in the currently offered products, active companies, required hardware, trends of development, legal situation or you know where you could get this kind of information from? A market-study is an interesting task to perform as you can also learn a lot about new fields of application, new manufacturers and trends in technology development.
  • Technology review
  • User experience description
  • Teaching of other Experts (Docent)
  • Project management
  • Project cooperation
  • Local contact point
  • Writing a proposal for a funded project
  • Consulting of decision makers
  • Writing an article about a specific technology or an event
  • Presentation on behalf of a company unable to participate in a conference or meeting

The duration of the job you are asked to do depends on many factors. The duration of the job you may be offered depends on many factors. Some jobs can be done in your free time in only a few hours, others are requiring much more time. We might also offer you a new permanent employment.

It depends on the type of job if travelling is required. A study can be written at home or in your office. Other jobs do involve travelling, when a meeting is necessary for more intense discussions or if you are working in a project or as a docent. Normally, travel costs will be refunded by the client.

Payment and Honorarium

The registration at Expertology doesn’t cost you anything but you have the opportunity to generate some additional income by a small or bigger contract. You might also be offered a new position in an interesting field of activity. In any case, it pays for you and the effort is minimal.

You will be paid directly by the client to whom you provide services. Expertology only acts as a “catalyst”, putting you in contact with the client. Once you have completed your assignment, you will send the client an invoice with all the necessary information for the client to make prompt payment. If you should have any problems with the client regarding the payment, please inform us and we will support.

The amount of your Honorarium will be negotiated amongst you and the client prior to the execution of your job. In your Expertology profile, you have indicated your expected amount of compensation for different job durations but please understand that this is only an indicative value and needs to be agreed upon by you and the client prior to the submission of your contact details to the client. Different factors need to be taken into account like your level of experience in the specific matter, specific abilities (like special language-skills or the preparedness to travel) or the specific software you can make available for calculations, regulations, codes and standards you possess or your involvement in highly specialised working-groups.

When filling in your profile, you will indicate how much you are expecting to earn per day and per month, if applicable. These figures will be communicated to a potential client once you have been chosen to be the suitable person for a specific job. Experts do not pay anything for the services of Expertology.

Profile editing and browsing

Yes, you can access your profile at any time and make changes, upload new documents and review its content. If your contact information has changed, please update it so that you can be contacted by us with offers. Do you need more information? Please contact us.

Yes, you can complete one or several sections, save the current status and complete the remaining sections later. But please have in mind that you can only be identified as suitable expert if your profile is completely filled in.

At the beginning, uploading a photo is optional but as soon as a customer offers you a job, he will in most cases ask for a photo.

The documents you are uploading should be in PDF but also other formats will be accepted. If we should have any problems reading your uploaded file, we will contact you.

Technical Issues

Please check, if you are using the same e-mail address with the correct password which you have used during your registration.

During the registration process, an e-mail has automatically been sent to you. Please make sure that you have received that e-mail and that you have clicked on the response-link which it contains for confirmation. If you did not receive that e-mail, please check, if your e-mail program has marked that e-mail as spam and deleted it. If you should require a new response-link by e-mail, please contact us here.

The Expertology website has been optimized for most of the standard browsers. If you are using an old version of a browser or a small portable device, this might cause problems. Please contact us here and we will give support.

Please make sure that you are logged in your profile and that your computer is connected to the internet. If you should have checked this and still have problems, please contact us here and we will try to help.

Please check, if the size of the file does not exceed the maximum allowable size of 3 MB and if the file you are trying to upload has the right format. Do you need more information? Please contact us.

Other Questions

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